Saturday, April 25, 2009

late april/what be happenin? some cool stuff, that's what/upcoming builds!

yesterday Phillip & I built Dannette's bike all up - it looks great & fits really well. they are on their way to Moab for a vacation & promised me some action pics, which i will share as soon as i get them.......this pic certainly does not do the paint justice, "laser emerald" it really pops green in the sun!
Keri's bike as it sits - i actually have the stays & the dropouts all fit and mitered & just need to tack them on. i'll get around to that later today after breakfast & stretching - my back is killing me this morning.
a pic of the headtube miters during an alignment check - tight!
Mc D got me an action pic of his new Rohloff bike. in his words:....... I LOVE MY NEW BIKE!!! first real ride on it went rode up and over the hill behind the house, way up onto the next hill (pretty much to snowline), around Dog Valley (Toolie's final resting place) and back up the first hill's backside and descended on home. 7.5 hours, 50+ miles, 9000' climbing. refilled water from snowmelt and depleted all of that by the top of the last climb. the descent was a pleasant 4000' jeep road and single track run all the way home. the bike handled perfectly, was totally comfortable and quite responsive. thanks again!

Tracey got her frame back from Spectrum Powder Works - looks killer! can't wait to see some pics of it in action cruising the Rockies.........

as ya'll can see, been very busy lately! gonna take it semi-easy today, i'll get the chainstays on Keri's bike after i clear the mayhem left over from the build on Danette's bike & clean the shop - tools & boxes everywhere.......then, i have to look at inventory as per the next few's the next five builds & some notes on status: Keri - get me a color......Nate T: on deck next, i've got your blueprint drawn, your tubes selected, and your wheels built. Aki - figuring it all out - waiting for your fork, i have your drawing from last summer. Shabir: i think we're all good! got your wheel stuff trickling in. Dave from the Bike Hub - same - i think we're all good. i'll be calling you for last minute finalization. PEOPLE COMING UP ON THE RADAR: Jeff P, Kyle O, Mark H. be talkin' to you all soon! thanks all, Steve.

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S.K. said...

Steve, if I haven't told you lately, I love you and all that you do and are.
I know that sounds pretty gay, but you're a hero.