Friday, April 10, 2009

Danette's bike - ready, set, GO!

few people really realise how many steps there are to actually building a frame up from scratch. there are ALLOT. here i am just starting out from the blueprint, cutting the headtube from a bulk chunk.
next, the headtube must be faced to insure that both faces are parallel.
now, you have to drill vent holes in the piece. ditto with the bottom bracket shell and the seattube sleeve, which was made from a raw length of 4130 steel in-house.

the downtube is one of the last pieces of Tange Prestige tubing i have - considered by many to be some of the finest tubing ever offered for bicycles. this is new old stock circa 1993/94'. quadruple butted goodness!
trimming the excess off the ends of the tubes.
here are all the main components minus the seatstays {i make them from scratch later} and they have all been washed inside and out, inspected for bowing and flaws and had the butting profiles checked and marked.

here's my hand creme.......silver alloy paste flux........put some of that on your organic granola!........frame building is not the healthiest profession you can have.......

mitering the tubes on the mill.....
here is a raw fit straight off the machine. nice!

and lastly for today, the completed triangle. more later, thanks for reading, ya'll - Steve.


michael slater said...

Speaking of "silver alloy paste flux" being nasty stuff... I live in Singapore. I went to a welding supply store to buy a can of silver flux. They wouldn't sell it because I didn't have a business id w/ me. I asked why this was a prohibited good. The guy explained that unscrupulous food manufacturers were mixing the flux with the other ingredients of fish balls (sort of like an asian fish hotdog/donut hole) so that they puff up plumper!!!

Mimbres Man said...

Great post Steve! Very interesting.