Friday, March 06, 2009

why i do this.

just snagged this from Pablo's blog. thanks, man - i needed this. i'm tired, my body hurts, and i needed a kick in the ass to go back into the shop with the door closed, longing for "open door season" when i can work with the garage door open to the sun and fresh air, looking out at the outside world. anyway, i read this. thanks, man. spring will be upon us all soon!
**Pablo's entry: nice writing, PVB!**
Too much time to sit around and think, that's the problem with winter. That and dry skin, and uncommon grumpiness.
This is usually the time of year that guys and girls make bike-related decisions that "seemed like a good idea at the time" only to find out that the void is only temporarily filled.
This i know. Yet every cold season i come by a wandering eye. Gears might be nice. Full suspension, ohhh, lovely. And so it goes. Tonight my thoughts drifted over to *XXXXX* I really did enjoy my xxxxx*. It was light, it handled well. It was a looker and introduced me to big wheels. It took me places.
All this while the hairshirt hangs in the garage. Always ready. Easily over-filling the space vacated by its scandium predecessor. Faithful.
This time last year i was about 1 build out in steve's cue. An eight month wait was coming to an end and i could hardly wait to take possession of and ride the new steed. Just yesterday i had a fantastic ride at palmer. No complaints. No wishing my bike did this one thing better. No thinking about the weight.
So like a sinner looking for justification, i visited coconino. Right there on the front page is a link to the gallery. Not only is the hairshirt there, and a shot of me on hairshirt v 1.0, {Pablo's 26" coconino, now a "winter bike" i think....} there are a number of mind blowingly fantastic rides. All owned by dudes and dudetts who love to ride.
Fact is i'm a one bike guy. The bike i have is always ready, over-filling the space vacated by all the bikes that have gone before. Faithful.

** thanks, man. it doesn't get any better then that for me. Steve **


Anonymous said...

Really like your 29er frames.

Just wondering how many hours you put in on a bike like this ?

steve garro said...

thanks, anonymous! i've estimated that a somewhat "simple" frame like this, even with the curved top tube and hand-bent two piece seatstays probally runs around 25 hours.......Steve.