Saturday, March 14, 2009

Simon's bike, Mc D's bike.

Simon's 29er 1-speed all done & ready to go to paint on Monday. sweet!

rear shot showing flowy goodness......

head tube closeup of shiny smooth brass. nice fat fillets = STRONG.

lastly, a shot of Mc D's old blueprint of Coconino #86, sadly destroyed when struck from behind by a drunk driver at high speed in an incident which happily, left Mc D. still with us and amazingly OK! i built it on my old Vulture Cycles jig and had to change all the notations in orange to the measurements on my Henry James jig and also to reflect ways in which my building sequence has changed in almost 100 bikes built since this one. i'm gonna digest breakfast and stretch a little and go try to kick out as much as i can on it today. Steve.


sminch said...

Steve, Nice frame. I love the lines that you give them. I also like the dropouts. Are those Paragon? Keep up the good work. You inspire me! Wil

steve garro said...

yep, Wil, Paragons. stainless steel goodness! Steve.