Tuesday, March 24, 2009

pics for your enjoyment.........Coconino riders in cool places.

oh, yeah.........Mark's bike in SW Utah.
Stephen workin' the rainbow rim trail in AZ.
Stephen's bike at the ready.

Pete in Marin.....

Mary's bike at the beach.......

yep, there are coconinos all over out there........i've been collecting client photos for a little while and i decided it was time to bust some out. please send more, ya'll - much appreciated! generally taking it easy today. had to go to the dentist today, so i'm just doing customer relations and sorting frame parts and tubing for the next few builds and ordering things for the shop and organising. i REALLY need to do some stretching - i get really balled up from sitting from 8-12 hours a day on average. gonna go at it hard again tomorrow.............Steve.

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