Monday, March 23, 2009

Mc D's frame all brazed, Rocky Ridge..........

that there folks, is some A-OK brazing.......
not much needed to buff that out.

same all around. i think i'm finally hitting the groove with my new O/A setup.
it's really nice to nail areas that it's hard to get fingers into.
i'll be putting some serious time into getting this all polished up today so we can get it off to paint. it's getting full touring braze-ons too, and that's always a time sink!

got out for a windy grovel on rocky ridge yesterday. super hard! like doing 1000 bench presses.
despite the sunny conditions, we woke up to a dusting of snow this morning.
Denise self-portrait. her hair is getting long again!

a smooth part!
nice banana yucca......
lastly, saw Mr. Proctor out on his most very fine coconino........thanks for reading, Steve.


Japhy rider said...

woooodogggie - my new frame looks uber bomber! thanks for building it, Steve. i can't wait to get a hold of it real soon, build it up, and get gone. for color, RAL 8003 (clay brown) ought to be good camo for trail touring. please go black with the Vulture fork. does your powder guy do a final clear coat? if so, a nice clear topcoat is fine.

take care,

Greg said...

Do not block the gate...with your well-bedecked rig. Nice togs, nice ride, nice sunlight on your shoulders.


johncoe said...

hand-bike rocky ridge, ftw! totally AMAZING, garro!

Cameron Clark | C+K Studio said...

I'm growing my hair out too, Denise. Matt and I went for our first MTB ride of the season last week (in Flag) and my bike is working like a charm. Just wanted you to know that this mama is getting out this summer on her salmon- colored coconino! We must visit with the little dude. He's big now--13mo and walking!!