Thursday, March 19, 2009

Mc D. wants more pics......

and so he shall have them! here's his 29er/dedicated rohloff/off road touring rig coming right together. also, notice that it was actually nice enough outside today to have the big door open - SWEET. spring - bring it on.
checking to make sure that all is good, and it is......the braze-ons on the top tube are water bottle bosses for "P-clips" that will hold all the housing together. two cables for the 14-speed internal hub and one for the rear disc brake, all of which will travel together down the left seat stay.
checking out chain ring clearances. the rohlff mandates the use of a larger middle ring, and i wanted Mc D. to be able to use big tires for the Nevada desert, so i shaped the right stay. looks good!

the seatstays before de-fluxing.
all cleaned up...........the brass dots are holes i drilled pre-brazing to tell me that i have achieved good penetration with the brass filler.
voila! through magic the straight stays have bent themselves into pleasing S-bends ready for mitering 1st thing tomorrow.......

also, got out for a quick ride yesterday. here's lower schultz creek trail. nice to be out in the pines under blue skies.
still some great puddles for the critters. is Flagstaff the only place in the world where there can be dust right next to snow? thanks for reading, Steve.


rider said...

"is Flagstaff the only place in the world where there can be dust right next to snow?" LOL! I was thinking the same thing yesterday when I was out! Man I love it when there's water in all those lil' creek beds! Glad you got out too. KL

Scoty in Salida said...

We got dust in Salida, it's been here for the last 4+ weeks.
Mark D, i am SO excited for ya!

Mimbres Man said...

Looks like the dogs are having fun.

Hey I like those seatstays! Those are very cool looking!

Japhy rider said...

Mitering! Now that sounds like a job to do with a fresh cup of mud...

Great pics, and boyitellyouwhat, I think the frame looks Sweeet! It's lookin' to be the perfect bike for the riding I do - weekend bikepacking and annual vision quests - flat out adventure riding right over the horizon. Yup, Nevada, it's like Nirvana, but probably better because there's NO ONE out here.

Horst and Graben!
Mark McD

Tony said...

Hery Steve,

Can you elaborate a bit on the chain stays? I've never seen sleeved ones like that. They look way cool, but whats the design reason behind them?

Tony Maietta

devin said...

Is the Creek Flowing? My first time up and down that in 98 the creek was moving and moving fast.
As always the frames are looking great.. Yea Spring.