Monday, March 02, 2009

march 3rd 2009 - trying to catch up!

been too busy to update the blog lately as i've been trying to rock out Simon's 29er 1-speed to catch up on the build que. December 2009 has ONE slot left and 09' is full as per builds! of course, those are the frames i "promise", it always seems that i get more done then i say i can, which is a good side of the ball to be on. i built exactly 30 frames in 2008, but five were double top tube cruisers, which suck up more time, and there were a few lugged forks in there too.
my trusty old 18v. makita finally fully died with a stripped clutch and i went to buy a replacement {$200.15!} and got this - the "new" version. it weighs a fraction of what the old one did, but i can't get past the fact that it looks like it was designed by Nike..........that, and the fact that the little light on the front that is supposed to illuminate the drill bit points at a totally separate spot..........sure drills holes, though!
i love my mill! check this out - a 37mm hole in a 38mm tube - spot on!!
went Nordic sit-skiing with Doug Hall - both him & Denise tried it out and i put the hurt on 'em good! i felt strong & fast and did four hours solid of skiing. i shore was whupped. i just layed on the couch and moaned.
check out Doug's new chair - it looks cool!
beautiful bluebird skies.........
Serge and Angnes were out skiing with the twins Gabe and Remy. i really liked this shot!

me & Doug had a bit of a high-speed pile up.........

lastly, a shot of a custom blade set my buddy Wade is making me fully from scratch - off to the scabbard maker and i get my filthy mits on 'em - can't wait! more later, thanks for checking in, Steve.


Anonymous said...

Hey Steve,

Good to see you're keeping busy! Just to let you know I'm sooo extremely pleased with my bike - I commute 14k round trip everyday in heavy traffic, and I've gone on a weekend ride every Saturday since it's been built. Very strong, very fast, and very sweeet! I'm up to 800k on the odometer and I even raced it last week in a 40k mass ride - got 99th out of 3000 ppl. It's awesome to see it in your gallery! Cheers! B.

swiggco world said...

four hours of skiing ? -You hammer !