Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Lex's bike, Mc D's bike, Simon's bike and some other stuff........

Lex's front triangle all tacked up. gonna go out & get some stays on it today..........i'll take more shots, i promise!
Mc D's frame on the done rack with Simon's frame. Mc D: your frame went to paint. Simon: we're on for the 6th for a build party. the suds are on you, i'll bring the tools.............
detail shot of Mc D'd rear triangle. sweet! the rig is a dedicated rohloff & the threaded bosses are for "p-clips", usually used for electrical wiring, as all three of the bikes cables will be solid housing all the way from the bars down the left stay......

i've been trying to knock out shorter { 2.5-3 hour range} rides lately to get my shoulders and what i have that passes for "core strength" up to longer summer rides in the peaks. i gotta watch my shoulders - i just don't want to risk an injury. these pics were from yesterday going from the mailboxes on Mt. Elden road up to oldham & down rocky ridge.
a look up at Elden.
lots of critters up in those steep, rocky cliffs. this area is notorious for big cats.
i saw this blast from the past going out riding! these guys used to play at our old house, the mutant hostel. it got me really stoked to see it out & about!
we also went for a cruise out on the Arizona trail north of walnut canyon. cool forest out here. all limestone vs. the volcanic rocks of the peaks.
i like the Arizona trail - 800 miles of just about everything.
1st flower sighting of the year! it was about as big as your thumb.

the turkey vultures were keeping an eye on us.
game over! we followed an old road spur to the park boundary - Walnut Canyon Natl' park.

more build pics soon, i'm gonna go get some progress on Lex's bike.....Steve.


Japhy rider said...

looks perrrfect! can't wait to ride it.

is the finished bike for the Simon from Sedona that gave us a lift back from the AtoZ ride years ago? ... the scene - Garro, Smithers, and i were sitting in a mexican restaurant having breakfast with bikes leaning on the wall outside, bedrolls tied to small riding packs on the ground by the bikes, with us sitting inside and looking at a map. Simon walks in and laughs as he asks "what have you guys done?!" we'd just spent the night sleeping in a wash near airport mesa after riding down from Flagstaff the day before, via a tortuous route.

what Fun!

Anonymous said...

Did you stop by the Casebeers? Their basement is bad ass...all the recording mixing gear in there is intense. Watching them move forward in the set-up of their studio was the definition of DIY.

I'm still wanting those wheels, just not net Professor Garro, not yet.

Jason A

Anonymous said...

Tell us about the interesting TT-ST junction.


Mimbres Man said...

Hey Steve, Is that collar on the TT of Lex's bike something new? Certainly makes a burly TT/ST junction!

Jason Alsvig said...

Whats up with the collar on the TT of the frame in the first photo? Whatcha got goin' on there?

Cameron Clark | C+K Studio said...

PUNK ROCK truck! Owen loves that vehicle. It's parked at a rental house just up the street on Leroux from us. We walk by it and he is always very chatty about it.