Thursday, March 05, 2009

late night build on Jim's road bike.

got Jim's Kaisei tubed roadbike back from paint yesterday - SWEET! i've always liked orange bikes. i've already built Jim a 29er last year, so i'm dialed in on his "super custom" geometry - low standover, long toptube and high bars. comfort first!
a detail of the cool dropouts i came up with and Cody providing moral support.

nearing completion near 9pm! it took us a long time to modify the dura-ace barcon shifters to fit the ends of the titec h-bars. all dura-ace with Ritchey compact cranks and a woundup fork. gonna try and get Simon's bike all brazed up today - Steve.


Anonymous said...

Nice! I remember Jim from.....all my jobs probly (singletrack, cosmic, maceys, hopspital?, nau,) I am stoked for him to ride proud.

Craig Ryan said...

Steve, what's the seat post? I need one like that.

steve garro said...

Craig - it's a cane creek. Steve.