Wednesday, February 25, 2009

i'm here - i've just been very busy {in case you thought i moved to Baja and didn't tell anyone}

Jim R. your road bike is coming right along! the Kaisei tubing is SWEET and a joy to work with. straight, nice butting, light, and cool shapes on the stays. i substituted the head tube for a prestige one that was slightly thicker as it was pretty long, and i used a True Temper seat tube to allow for a 27.2 seat post instead of the 27.0 the Kaisei used. check out the dropouts - i carved them down from a set of Paragon MTB disc drops.

insuring that the rim is centered between the stays.
dropouts are parallel.
seat tube is off by *this much* a few thou of an inch. easily set. way straighter then a human!

Head tube is spot-on.
ditto on the axle centerline.
Simon's new one speed - more on that in the next post!
snuck in a quick two hour ride in Sedona yesterday, i needed to get out as i had not gotten any exercise since paddling in Baja. we live almost as far south in Flagstaff as you can and still be in the same zip code - so it's easy for us to leave the snow and drive the 30-min. to Sedona and do our errands and sneak a quick ride.
the dogs looking on in amazement as i actually clean a really tight set of switchbacks. i had to do a multi-point turn and set the perfectly placed little ramp-rock you can see.........
the critters enjoying a dip!
the manzanitas are blooming. quite a nice little bell flower for such a tough, mean bush!
yep, found another partial arrowhead. this is all that's left upon impact, usually. the tips implode upon being shot and lost countless years ago.............Steve.


Anonymous said...

Hey Steve. The pictures of your trip to Mexico really have me looking forward to our spring break trip down to Playa Encanto next month. It is really nice to know how conscientious you are about your craft/art. Thanks for keeping me up to date on the progress of my frame. I can hardly wait to take it for a ride. Thanks again.

Jim Rhodes

GenghisKhan said...

That hand cycle looks tuff--how does it work? Hand crank, or something else?


Anonymous said...

Hey Steve, fotos look great! I'll never forget one afternoon years ago on a ride with you and Smithers and we stopped somewhere near Mescal Mtn for a snack and while diggn' through your pack you pulled out a crescent wrench that had to be more than a foot long. you still carrying that thing around?