Wednesday, February 18, 2009

BAJA!!!!! * pictures in NO resemblance of order!*

a journey to the sea of cortez!
Alphonsina's hotel/resturaunt/bar/landmark/outpost. paradise!

denise enjoying an octopus cocktail {waaayyy more delicious then it sounds!!} and shrimp tacos.

yet another mind-blowing sunrise over the sea of cortez!

Antonio, the owner/boss/cook/all around El Jefe of Alphinsina's, where we spent a week. Alphonsina's is at the end of a seven hour dirt road drive, has no locks, excellent cooking, cold drinks, sits right on the water, and has been a Baja landmark for sixty years. go now!

Isla Willard - it's connected at low tide to the sand spit Alphonsina's sits on. the sea kayaking was sublime.

the tools of the trade.

a corvina and a cabrilla. fishing was great!

Denise with a corvina. she caught some nice fish!

Sally watching birds in the bouganvillas. fascinating!

Salvador doing his morning sweeping. he's been in Gonzaga bay for 60 of his 68 years.

a shrimper in the morning sun.

us with all our new Oregon friends! we caught a huge bunch of fish and the staff cooked them all up for free. they didn't want anything.

NICE water conditions!

a whole cooler full of fish we caught one day. pompano, cabrilla, a flounder and a sierra. we made ceviche outta the whole batch.

a nice flounder Denise caught.

cool starfish.

sunset over Gonzaga bay.

a German bike bike tourist. he wouldn't take water or food, but he accepted two modelos.

looking back on Gonzaga bay.

yet another sucky sunrise.

Denise enduring a high stress situation..........

eggs come by the hatfull...

shrimp, or plate of shrimp.......

express delivery of shrimp direct from the source.

the sandspit from Alphonsina's to Isla Willard.

the road to Gonzaga bay from Puertocitos. 6-7 hours each way. sure weeds out the folks!

the Chevy turned 260,000 miles on the trip! the Mexicans saw it for the nice truck it is. they can fix these down there.


Denise during a driving break. that's some desolate country!

just about my favourite kinda stuff.

oooooohhhhhhh yeah!

drugs, anyone?


Nik said...

Great photos, looks like you had a blast. I chuckled to myself over the German. Typical!

vulture said...

Welcome Home, That truck has drug your butt all over the place. Good thing D likes to drive. Saw a bunch of Coconino's at Old Pueblo, and a couple of vultures too. Nice fish.
cheers, Wade

Jason Alsvig said...

God Damn, Sir! I gotta go down there! What am I doin' up here? I gotta go down there!!


aki said...

Nice pix, fisherman Steve!

Happy to know that you and D had a good time in Baja. Wonderful sunset, I love the color.


Jacob said...

Great pictures, Looks like it was a great trip.

Mimbres Man said...

The Longhaul looks good Steve! Good looking fish.

Fish tacos and cold Mexican beer! Its hard to beat Baja!

devin said...

looks like a good time..That is a whole lot of fish.

Anonymous said...

Wowwie! Great tripping! Love the sunsets too.
Cheers, DKish

Japhy rider said...

awesome! my sister and i passed through there and enjoyed a dinner and room way back in the late 1900s. doesn't look like it's changed a bit... which is good. maybe just a few less fish than before you arrived.

thanks for sharing,

Cyclebound said...

Hey Steve and Denise, welcome home. Judging by your photos I am sure that you are real glad to be back. Those photos are awesome, unreal and surreal. Glad to hear you had a good time.

Derek Law said...

Looks like a blast Steve, I was laughing at the high stress situation caption. Good Fun!

Laurie said...

Steve & Denise,
Wow! Great pictures!! It was a blast getting to know the both of you and hangin out!. Hope to see you at the pig roast on 09-19-09.

Laurie (from Oregon)