Tuesday, January 27, 2009

updates on Irfan's bike.

Irfan's 29er nearing completion - classy lines!
here is what i do for hours on end. give me a stack of CD's and a bunch of coffee and i'm good to go.
i layed some pretty fine fillets on this frame!
not much to do here......that's nice in hard-to-get-to places.
a constant bead all around.
my polishing station.
i finished off the day by heavily modifying some paragon MTB disc dropouts for Jim R's upcoming build. been really busy trying to tie things up as Denise & I are going to Baja for almost two weeks on Feb. 6th. if you need to contact me, get ahold of me before then.........more later, Steve.


nierman said...

That 4th pic down of the BB/stays is downright bicycle crotch pourne! — Not safe for work. Great stuff, Steve.

Anonymous said...


I've never been a fan of the paragon plate/disc dropouts, but i really like what you did with those.


Tomas said...

It was good to check out your shop Steve. Irfan's bike looks real nice. I'm growing partial to that signature curved top tube.

planteo said...

Dont forget to stop in Yuma for some tacos and bathroom break. George would like to see you too!