Saturday, January 31, 2009

riding turkey creek trail with friends.

went for a great ride up turkey creek trail the other day with a bunch of friends that i used to mountain bike with. it was cool to hang out with all them AND have them see me ride my hand cycle up some rock problems that mountain bikers walk on the trail here:
cruising the meadows by turkey tank. cool soap yuccas thriving around it.
this whole valley has really cool geology! we didn't see anyone else.
here's everyone watching me's super steep, technical and pretty unrelenting. all in all a 4 1/2 hour beatdown.
a cool Christmas cholla going off! i've never seen one this big or with this much fruit.
here's the view from our coffee table after the most recent snows. not bad, huh? i'll check in later with the start of Jim R's road bike............Steve.

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cute Australian Cattle dog