Wednesday, January 21, 2009

*next SIX builds* get ahold of me, folks!

checking tolerances and clearances on Irfan's bike - looking good!
so, here's the next *six* builds out of the current que of somewhere over twenty bikes. i'm currently looking at december as far as delivery on new orders, but i seem to run a little ahead of schedule *most* of the time............1: Jim R's road bike: i think we're on the same page, and your kaisei tubeset should be here today. 2: Mark. mc. D: found the blue print for old #86, got your rohloff plates in, waiting for your fork. just like #86 but with a straight toptube, right? all good. 3: Simon Z: got your old blueprint, you want a gear bike just like your 1-speed, right? 4: Lex W. let me know what shock you have picked out. 5: Phillip H. 6: Ed M. get ahold of me, guys - i'll do the same. three of the next six builds are second bikes. that's cool, thanks guys! the next two builds not listed yet are talking to you all soon, Steve.

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Japhy rider said...

the original fork by Vulture should be there by there by the end of the week. yup, straight top tube and Rohloff sliders with room for fat-fat sand and washboard and playa worthy cleats. can't wait. color? don't know, either dirt or dust or mud. what RAL would that be? thanks Steve!