Saturday, January 17, 2009

mid-January update........

Mark W's frame all done! i REALLY dig the color, it looks different in every varying light. up close in direct sun it had blue, green and even purple specs.
swoopy stays all around for generous tire clearance. it's going to do allot of desert riding in SW Utah and the client wanted clearance for 2.35 tires.

this frame has great "flow" in the lines........
Irfan K. - this is your bike! i'm slowly making process on it, but all the sub-assemblies are ready to go.
shop helper Barry got the fork and stem we made here all painted to match his frame & got it all together - pimpin'!

i went and totally blew out my back this week - i just reached for something and WHAM! the big lump of scar tissue where my spinal fusion rods meet where my seven broken ribs were just knotted up brutally - game over. i could barely even sit up, and every time i get up Gus steals my heating pad! back onto a high ibuprofen diet for awhile - i can just work in short spurts and then i have to lay down for awhile. hopefully a bike ride in the sun in Sedona tomorrow will loosen me up. see that purple foot? that there is pure, undiluted nerve pain, folks.............hanging in there and trying to get all your bikes to you on time.........i think i'm a little ahead right now, thankfully. thanks for all your Patience, Steve.


devin said...

Get your rest when you can sounds like you and your inners are fighting right now. Like the color of that bike.. Nice work man.

Andrew Campbell said...

Keep rocking, Steve. Can't imagine the pain and discomfort, especially when Gus is stealing the heating pad. But you're still making some beautiful bikes, all the same.

all best from here

Anonymous said...

yo steve....sorry to hear about your back! that frame looks pretty damnsweet by the way. nice color. hope to get by and see you soon. glad you been gettin out this winter