Saturday, January 03, 2009

back at it.......

i almost completely disassembled my one-off a few days ago, so i got out for a spin on Jim Thomson trail in Sedona with Denise & the critters. beautiful! in the 60*'s. the bike worked pretty well. i have to take it apart about twice a year to keep it running really well. it's all a different story when you can't push your bike out........
sweet trail conditions, nice to be in short sleeves!
a great example of what the one-off will crawl up!
when i say taken apart, i mean taken apart.
"chipping in" on the snow and ice load at the house - man, we have TONS of snow!

just a quick post and i'm gonna go work on Mark's frame. great to get out in the sun! it's really hard to keep in shape in the winters for me, but man, i'm going to really try. hopefully between the bike and the sit-ski i can get through the winter without having to just sit by myself in the shop like last year..........more later, Steve.

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Mimbres Man said...

Your One-Off climbs like my old CJ-5! That's amazing, but you've always been a bad-ass climber! You have a high power:weight ratio.