Monday, December 22, 2008

winding down on 2009........

some wrapping-up shots of Brian's damn smooth braze shot, straight outta the dunk tank.
ditto here - sorry for the weird angle.
polishing & sculpting in process. i hear allot about how people dread polishing fillets, but i'm gonna go ahead and say it - it's my favourite part! i don't use power tools much - just for really tight spots - preferring to do it all with files, my two hands, and some 80 grit Emory paper. i actually find it quite soothing and zen-like. it does make your thumbs sore, though!
after shot of the above junction. sweet. results like this are very rewarding to me.
ditto here. this finish is actually just obtained with files.
checking out all the braze-ons to make sure that i got them all on, in the right place. the holes above the windows in the dropouts are tapped for racks. a spacer will be needed to clear the disc, but no big deal, it's tapped to use a metric 6x1 bolt, more then up to the task......
running some old housing to make sure that the stops are all in the correct places and that the routing is smooth and kink-free. ready for paint!
and, got allot of work done on my Nordic x-country sit ski! man, it's light & stiff too. i'm going to keep working on it until it's done. i really can't do anything outdoors with all the snow so there's a pretty big carrot dangling in front of me to complete it. i have to go on a hardware store run today to get an assortment of bolts, nuts and doo-dads to complete the mounting interface for the dual skate skis. a big shout out and thanks to Doug Hall, i could not have done the bending without him - he made the benders out of benders we had around that were not up to the task. quite the 4130 steel bending learning curve on this unit........Doug is gonna take up the torch and start building these for sale!
a top shot to show all the compound bends and angles. lots of brazes, too!
plenty of snow - we are slowly being walled in with snow in the forecast all week. i often wonder about the when large cities are paralysed but several inches of snow, but it will dump three feet at a shot here and life just goes on.............Steve.


Anonymous said...

Cool work on the ski chair! You are a 4130 bending fiend!


devin said...

I can't wait to see pics of you on skis.. Have a happy holiday.

creighton said...

Always watching and sorry I dont post often. Most excellent work Steve! keeping all those tubes flat and strait is a real mind job! But.. you are a pro! Sail on... CW