Saturday, December 13, 2008

Ted likes his bike!

got this e-mail from Ted down in Yuma, Arizona down on the Mexican border, home to a couple of Coconinos. here's his reveiw, sounds like he's digging it. ted was in need for a true custom bike, he needed a really long toptube and generous standover - looks like it's riding just fine! here's his review: thanks, Ted! Hey Steve-

I bet you hear this all the time-but my bike is flippin rad! I like riding it even more than I like sleeping with it!
I do alot of explaining about my bike around here. Not everyone gets it. All I know is it's the bike I wanted to ride.
Climbs like a dream. I dont know if its because of a new weight distribution of what. Also, got rid of those Azonic handle bars. Man I had no idea how wide they were till I got some new bars. Now I steer with my feet and not my arms. With those wide bars I would just steer the bike all the time and I am now balancing on the bike and feeling the turns. It all feels pretty sweet and has got me excited about mountain biking down here again.
Here are some pics of the bike, me and the trails.
I'm one happy camper!


Rody said...

Yo Steve,

it's those type of notes that keep you driving forward in the shop on those hard days...way to go!


Mimbres Man said...

Beautiful bike Steve.
The only riding I've done in Yuma is that steep climb up to that microwave tower off the Interstate when I saw Demon Semen Dan's truck parked there. I stopped and we rode up together.
Gila Proven Ted!