Thursday, December 04, 2008

some nice pics of a sweet bike.

thanks for the great pics and the glowing review! truly a pleasure start to finish and quite the looker! from the owner: Steve - I cannot express to you how happy I am about my bike. She rides so beautifully, I can't believe it. You took Uno (my original SS) and tweaked him so that I am on a buttery smooth, nimble, stable machine. I didn't want the sun to set today - I just wanted to keep on riding. It felt like I've been riding this bike for years.
Less pedal strike, more stable in the corners, so smooth on the rough stuff. And i think it's pretty similar in terms of effort - I have to work a little more on the uphills.
Thank you so much.

thank you, marie! sounds like you are trasitioning from 26" to 29" rather seamlessly......... steve.

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John said...

Beautiful work Steve! ~ benson