Thursday, December 18, 2008

december stuff!

Mary's bike all done up in a fine metallic grey - looks nice! almost like a raw metal.
Brian's frame all tacked. i like this angle as it shows the cool swoopy stays i finally pulled off.
and here, all freshly brazed. it's in the dunk tank getting an overnight de-fluxing before i start polishing it up tomorrow. it should be off to paint in a couple of days!
detail shot of a still hot head tube/top tube/ down tube braze - finally getting my entirely re-gutted oxy-acetylene setup dialed in.
Mark W., this is your bike! a single speed curved top tube 29er with slider dropouts. nice! i get to use one of the sweeet prestige seat tubes i still have stashed from 94' because it fits jussstt right. a fine mix - true temper, prestige, dedacciai, 4130 and paragon. this baby will be going to southwestern Utah.
absolutely the final ride of the Flagstaff 08' riding season, as you shall see from the following pictures......
it sure was a good year for riding!
my soon-to-be new cross country Nordic sit ski. Doug Hall has been indispensable in helping me out with this. i'm doing all i can to help get it going and then Doug is going to take on producing these for sale. man! there's some HARD work building these straight with all the bending and compound angles.
the current conditions - snow, snow & more snow, and it's still snowing!

well, i think i'm getting back to "normal" {for sure, a relative term concerning me} after emergency dental work, having my brazing set-up taking a dump, bogging down on too many builds going on at once, having to take it easy due to some skin issues from sitting too much, trying to figure out how to build a custom sit-ski, lots of cool visitors and just general mayhem..........still, keepin' on keepin' on.......... thanks for tuning in, Steve.


Cyclebound said...

Still churning out awesome looking frames! That grey paint is sweet on that frame. I agree it was a damn fine year of riding and yes it appears to be a goner until spring.

Anonymous said...

Steve, I so badly want one of your frames...I am going to start to save for one, It might take me awhile but I will eventually have one...OH YES I MUST HAVE ONE...I really want the curved top tube. I am 5'7" do you think a 26" or a 29" would be right? I have more of a BMX background in me. Thanks Chris

steve garro said...

thanks! 5'7" and a BMX background? 26" my man......especially with a curved top tube......i'll be talkin' to ya, steve.