Saturday, December 06, 2008

brian's bike/mary's bike/treats.

Brian is pretty fired up about his frame & asked me to get on posting it's build! here's some exciting stuff - vent holes! the seat tube sleeve, bottom bracket shell, and head tube.
all the components have to get de-greased and de-filthed so that i can inspect it all for dents, blemishes, cracks, holes, bad seams - you name it.
marking the bowing, butting and head tube orientation.
shiny! i still haven't made a concrete decision on the chain stay choice. i gotta sketch it all up and check all the clearances.

seat tube sleeve all silver brazed up. clean!
gotta braze all these little "O's" together for the rohloff cable routing on Mary's bike. gonna join them with brass, clean them up and silver braze them to the frame.
all the braze-ons in place. i'm just running lengths of housing to check that the flow of the routing is correct and that everything is in place. it's easier to discover something is astray at this point then post paint.....
this showed up over night air from new jersey - what could it be?
a whole box of cannoli! thanks J. Meudt! damn, that must be 1,000,000 calories!
sally won't touch a cannoli - the dogs hate sweets - BUT, she has her own version.........turd-cickles!

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