Sunday, November 23, 2008

some more build shots of mary's bike, some customer bikes out having fun,and some old momentos.....

checking to make sure the seattube, the "spine" of the bike is straight in relation to the bottom bracket shell. to make a straight frame it's good to start out that way.
completed seattube assembly - mitered, tacked, sleeve installed, ventholes drilled for the toptube, down tube and bottom bracket shell and the seatube pinch slot and stress relief hole all good to go!
chainstay trimmed and slotted at an angle with a hacksaw & a warding file - five minutes, with a goodly amount of practice.
stays brazed in the anvil fixture. i have it clamped in a rotating machinist's vise so i can belly up to it and rotate it to me.
finished untouched silver braze straight outta the dunktank. i MAY get this baby brazed or very close to it tomorrow.........
deanne's bike out in the woods. she's diggin' it!

annie's bike on a road trip out east.
ditto here!
some old mementos.........i actually used to be pretty fast! those are both sub-9 hour buckles - one was an 8:13 - 13th overall! that's as fast as i've ever ridden 100 miles.

this one was MUCH harder - 3rd place single speed at the cascade creampuff 100 - 18,000 feet of climbing in 100 miles off road, over 1/2 singletrack - 9th pace OVERALL. over my seven CCP100's i also got a 10th, 11th, 13th and 14th........

been biking long enough to remember these? they were sweeeet.......... steve.


devin said...

Pretty fast,, I am still trying to catch up.. As I have said before you have and will always be big inspiration. The wheel is an extension!

Japhy rider said...

and don't forget, your brain child... the A to Z ride

i still have a xerox of the route from the year before that one (2004, i think?) where it lays out a madmanstreasuremaptosufferfest how all the trails on hills were to be ridden before "the dealing begins"

Anonymous said...

Geese Steve- you simply are one burly dude, good to have good memories.
Marie's bike-what a beauty.
I am lovin my new bike, it is so soft, responsive and pedaly.... that thing likes to GO!
Thanks again.


Mimbres Man said...

Steve, I am always posting and telling people your are the best cyclist I've ever seen. I felt privileged to ride with you. Many times you left me with my jaw hanging.
Wheel as an extension indeed! You are the real Mimbres in one.

Wolfhound Cycles said...

Hey Steve-
Been a little while, looks like you've been busy kickin butt as usual. I've never seen your trike before - that thing is sweet, and remind me to never arm wrestle you.


Foresta Bikes said...