Friday, November 28, 2008

so you want to be a framebuilder, huh?

if so, i hope you have the perseverance and integrity to not lose your shit and to keep at it when you are starting on your fourth pair of seat stays FOR THE SAME BIKE just because they are not perfect. i'm six years and many bikes into it and there are still day{S} like this..........i'm gonna finally stop and have breakfast {at 2pm} because i'm spun out on coffee and frustrated trying to get these teeny weeny little stays juuuusttt right. then, i'm going to go out and try to pretend that this morning never happened. other then that, the bike is going great! fair warning, wish me luck, i'm going back out, steve.


DeeDub said...

I would have stopped after two and had a few beers and then watched cartoons until tomorrow... ;)

Rody said...

Yo Steve-o, keep your chin up. Another 6 years and you'll only ruin 2 pair before breakfast ;)



DM said...

Don't let the Gremlins beat you, Steve! Go do something else until you've got the Mojo back on.

Put on some punk rock;
Nail it.

steve garro said...

i think DM had it pegged - ate some food, put on some clash, used some lessons on bending i had aquired that day, and made a sweeet pair. i definately learned some good lessons yesterday! steve.

creighton said...

Just plant the 'seeds' in a corner... maybe they will blossom into a fork garden!! All you gotta do is dribble some flux everynow and then. Seriously though dude, I have effed up more stuff than I ever bragged about getting right the first time, second or third etc>>>infinity. Our will dont make hill of beans. But you did right... step back, clear the noggin then grab some shiny new and go it again.

Yer preachin' to the choir here Yo!!

mark said...

shit happens, crack a red pepsi and put on double nickels on the dime, cranked to 11,,,,,,,,,,,followed up by some fugazi or maybe husker