Tuesday, November 11, 2008

random build shots of tracy's bike

all brazed up! check out the 700c wheel in the background for scale....one thing - damn, this bike is light. it might be the lightest bike i've ever built. it's a dedicated road bike built with mostly dedacciai zero-uno from italy - good stuff!
un-fluxed, still hot. THIS is how a fillet braze should look.

checking the clearances.......in framebuilder speak "dummied up".

i went all out. i even drilled these vent holes bigger to cut .002 of a gram or sumthin........i drilled all the vent holes bigger, and trimmed the seat tube sleeve 1/2"........ see the silver stuff? well....it's silver. i like when the silver comes out the vent hole from feeding into the top of the socket. that shows that you got it all throughout the socket = well attached!

chainstays and dropouts all dummied up to check clearances. full stack-o-tubes in the back waiting to liberated upon the globe........your bike might be in that stack. if you have one on order, i guarantee at least a good part of it is! steve.


Scoty in Salida said...

She's going to be so confused, happy and psyched!


corgimas said...

Will there be a warning label on it saying that if Scot rides it it will self-destruct?

(S's lil bro)

Scoty in Salida said...

Corgi, I think you weigh the same as me and Tracey.
we are dun. :D