Tuesday, November 04, 2008

nov. 4th 2008.

deanne's bike all brazed up!

smooooth head tube junction.....

ditto here........

not bad for a double-pass braze - check out the raw silver braze on the lug, too.

here's tracy's bike all layed out. it's gonna be a mostly dedacciai road bike. it should be LIGHT!

still gonna lace these sweeties up for marie today. niiiice wheels!

got out for a day of fishing on Saturday with borling. the fishing sure has slowed down, the water was pretty cold, and being cold blooded the fish are slowing down too. we only caught six, but they were all nice & fat and strong fighters.

there's a fat little rainbow - he'll fillet up nice.
look! borling really CAN catch fish - i've seen it myself!

well, almost got deanne's bike all polished up today, i'll post pics when i finish it up. been REALLY struggling with spasms & pain lately. man, it sucks. i haven't slept hardly at all in days & days.........just lay there and fight it. i sure hope it passes. still, somehow, i am able to keep building bikes for ya'll.........thanks for the patience! gonna go lay down and lace some sweet hoops, steve.


Winter Bicycles said...

You build road bikes now!?

Awesome =)

steve garro said...

sure! i've built quite a few, i just refer to this as a "road" bike as it has dedicated caliper brakes.....i just about always try to persuade people to go with canti's for fender/tire/rack clearance....i'm sure you probally think the same!.....steve.