Wednesday, November 12, 2008

late night build on deanne's bike/cool shots from customers.

all done! looks like a sweet, flickable ride! ral #1000, "banana"
kickin' it with deanne on a late night build showing her how all the stuff on her cool new bike works.
keenan on his way to becoming the youngest finisher ever of bend's big fat tour! check it out: keenan finished the long options every day! quite the accomplishment at 14! he's the closest thing i have to a "sponsored rider!"

simon z's rig at a recent 12-hour race. also "banana" great color!

quite the stack! denise's bike and sam & christie's bikes, both dating from 2004 & still clocking the miles!

thanks for the action shots, folks! keep em' coming, steve.

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Danielle said...

Hi Steve-

Hope you are having fun visiting with Eugene. I'd like to see some pictures of the hand biker & unicyclist ride!
Warm wishes to Denise, too!

Danielle Bowerman of Oakridge