Sunday, November 09, 2008

first ride in awhile!

it was really nice to get out in sedona! the highs in flag have been in the 40's and really windy, but only 25-ish miles from the house and it's bluebird skies warm!
back to the tacky cranking of the redrocks. momentum is the key on this or you will tweak out your shoulders.
old cowboy gate on jim thomson trail.

riding partner #1, Denise. i'm a lucky guy!

black dog sally......
...........and yellow dog cody.

midday moonrise over mitten ridge.
cruising along with my usual entourage - not too many hand cyclist around these parts.......sometimes i sure miss the social aspect of cycling.

the dogs find it quite fum to walk as close as possible. often, i will elbow cody in the head, while sally will get so close to the front wheel that sometimes the tire flips her lip up & down.


mimbres man said...

Cody has a black tongue!
Good you're getting out. More than I can say about myself.

Anonymous said...


Hey I have a question for you regarding my brothers old coconino 26 singlespeed build. I was wondering if this was built around a 100mm fork or 80mm? Please let me know thanks, Jeff Miller