Sunday, November 30, 2008

finally got out to get some sun.

trail conditions were quite tacky from all the rain & snow we got last week.
had some friends along - Yael, Kristina and Denise.
a wee baby Arizona cypress tree.
cruising through the dry creek valley, great views all around.
i really love the shady cypress groves along the arroyo.
Kristina giving me a spot on a dicey edge. she's a firefighter, so she probably figured it was more efficient to spot me then evac me.......
a BIG cypress tree.
thanks for coming out, gang! it's fun to hang with friends & i'm sure Denise appreciated the conversation! i don't see many pics of me next to people - man, three years of arm power is getting my upper body pretty thick. i guess three and four hour arm workouts mixed with filing and getting around almost entirely with your arms will do that!


Kristina said...

Thanks Steve, I had alot of fun yesterday. Kristina

perryd said...

nice set of pics. Y'all are some good lookin' people. Good to see you guys on t-giving.

Jess W said...

Is that a new bike? I don't remember it being quite so orange. Or is that the mud coating? :)

Looked like fun, tacky trail or no...