Wednesday, November 26, 2008


checking tire clearances on mary's bike.
all jigged up. i've actually made a few bikes this size, and one a few inches smaller.
i sold my original frame and fork jig back to jim stein! he said that when i bought it he wouldn't sell it to anyone else {i 1st. met jim when i was about 17 or 18} and that if i ever sold them it had to be back to him. this design is about as "old school" as they come, and there is a rear triangle fixture, too. if you have one of the first 30-something coconinos, it was built on this.
a curvaceous shot......marie, your bike & wheels are going out today.
final random shot.......i have a whole drawer of vintage t-shirts that i don't wear and are stored for posterity - just a couple gems off the top!

boy, things are just not progressing at the moment.......a short list of SNAFUs currently: sally the dog had to get all sewn up & had a gross external drain tube, but she is OK and just as chipper, i busted one of my molars and got to get it all ground down for a crown yesterday - didn't get any work done, just watched "the universe" marathon on discovery with a super headache {how about those double black holes, huh?}, i still haven't received my new regulators so i'm dead-ended for the moment on marie's bike, i made her first set of seatstays too short and had to recycle bin them........but, other then that i guess everything is OK.........just gonna do errands today before the holidaze, check out some fellow humans down town and hang out with denise. thanks for stopping by, happy holidaze, steve.


Cyclebound said...

Hey Steve, is that an Iron Maiden shirt? I don't remember the world slavery tour but Iron Maiden was my best guess. Hope you and Denise are doing well (beside the stuff you mentioned). Happy Thanksgiving to you both.

Andrew Campbell said...

Steve, D, Sally, Cody + Gus: geezum, take care of yourselves! Wanted to let you know we were thinking of you all, too, and wishing you a good, healthy Thanksgiving!


Anonymous said...

I'm still in awe of your previous post regarding all that hardware very impressive stuff. I just got back from my dentist who kindly pointed out a cracked molar on one of my teeth. i am going to ride it out a bit as im looking at roughly 1600 bones to fix it. yikes! have a great holiday and keep cleaning out your closet i love checking out your old goodies.
- simon

Jimmy J said...

I see an Iron Maiden World Slavery tour, what other goodies do you have?! Cherish them. Here at Defunkd, we love vintage t-shirts so much that we created a blog for vintage tee worship.

Mimbres Man said...

Happy Thanksgiving Steve and Denise!
We had a big staff potluck and I attempted to make New Mexico style chile rellenos from local long peppers. Good, but not authentic...everybody liked them though because they know not of the real deal.
Glad Sally Dog is doing well.

Anonymous said...

That Iron maiden shirt....Fuckin' A!