Friday, October 31, 2008

some build shots of deanne's bike

checking frame alignment - right on! i check it when i tack the seat post to the bottom bracket shell, again when the front triangle is tacked, again when the chain stays are attached, when the chain stay brace is brazed in, right before the frame is fully brazed and the seat stays are attached, and lastly when the seat stay brace is brazed in.
the bringheli alignment table { custom made for me! } is ground to a surface tolerance of .005" across the entire table. you figure out what the measurement is at the exact middle of the bottom bracket shell. this should match the center of the stays exactly. also, you can divide the diameter of a tube and add 1/2 of it to the center plane measurement of the frame {in this case, with a 73mm bottom bracket shell, the center of the bike is 136.5 mm from the table, the mast which the shell bolts to is 100mm tall } soooo.......if you have a 37mm head tube, you divide the 37mm by 2 = 18.5. adding this to 136.5mm = 155mm. the top face of your head tube should be at 155mm from the table. capish? this works for the entire frame, just divide any of the tubes and add to your 136.5mm.

checking the dropout faces to ensure that the faces are parallel to each other.

scoping out tire clearance with it's wheel. lots of room with a 2.1", especially as the wheel will be tensioned backwards, or if ran as a gear bike it will be all the way forward in this position.

looking at the clearances of the tire, cog and rotor. OK!!!

looking good!

crazy ciphering'! this is the diagram for making the seatstays. i actually got them all brazed and bent but it was late and i was tired, so i forgot to take pics........... stayed up late and tensioned the front wheel too........ pretty tired today, i hear the shop calling, but i'm not going out there........i'm gonna take the day off and rest & stretch. more later! steve.


Anonymous said...

Ssssweet man, it is indeed looking that way. Thanks for your skill, I am so looking forward to riding that beauty around.


devin said...

Nice looking stuff, I like it when you explain what is going on, Fun to watch the progression.