Thursday, October 23, 2008

progress on marie's bike.

nice bends!
some of the smoothest brazing i've done so far........

i remember when these took me all day to smooth down. now, it's pretty much there.

still hot!

just tacked, ready for cleaning, fluxing & brazing.

just some progress shots......unfortunately i was going to wrap it up today as i got a goodly amount of polishing done yesterday, but today i am really sick. i'm going to go lay down. my head hurts and my throat hurts so bad i can't talk. i did this post just to show that the wheels are turning and that i haven't taken the massive garro fortunes and fled to some tropical locale to be never seen again........fortunately i feel like i'm actually caught up for the first time in a couple of years! i got ten orders last march and it created a substantial bottleneck that i've pushed through with some of the last bikes to go out. also, orders have been rolling in this month too. i would say that i am backed out almost one year at this point. thanks all for your patience and support, everyone........... steve.

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swiggco world said...

Really nice bends , if I do say so myself. Sounds like the economic situation ain't keeping folks form ordering your stuff. Super nice work as always. Cheers, Paul.