Thursday, October 09, 2008

oct. 9th. really tired.

Ivan's frame all prepped & ready to ship to florida!
a pile of blue and silver-y goodness for ivan's new ride.
roabie's frame going through the final pre-paint checks. stuff like bottom bracket chasing, stamping on the serial number {# 160, in this case} drilling a vent hole in the bottom, checking all the braze-ons for proper placement and just making sure all is good.......
braze-on mayhem!
marie's frame-to-be resting on it's blueprint. marie is getting a new 29er, she owns frame #62 and will be getting frame # 161 - almost 100 frames later!

boy, just wrapping up loose ends here at coconino world HQ today. didn't get to sleep until after around 3am and then slept fitfully. i feel pretty cruddy. i was going to start mitering marie's bike today, but don't feel lucid enough to be trusted with large, powerful tools.........i guess it will have to wait until tomorrow. more pics then, steve.

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mimbres man said...

Coconino cruisers are bad ass!