Saturday, October 11, 2008

a mostly non-ferrous post.........{ although, the handcycle IS steel }

Mt. humphrey's, the tallest peak in arizona at 12,670ft as seen from the newest section of the arizona trail going from snowbowl road to bismark lake.

this is the only section of trail here that travels through a forest of mixed conifer with huge bristlecone pines.

i love this angle of the aspens, yellow or green........

some of the san francisco peaks - from the right, Kendrick peak and sitgreaves peak.
humphrey's peak on the left and agassiz on the right.
denise standing in front of a bristlecone.

fall is in full effect in northern arizona! get out and enjoy it, with the blustery weather and the 65+ MPH winds forecast for today it's not likely it will last for long! the new trail section is pretty sweet! i'm looking forward to riding it all the way to bismark lake after the winter moisture has packed the trail down to perfection. also did a ride down elden springs, up little bear to the first big switchback & back - a real asskicker. in between the two i am feeling really knackered but i'm gonna go throw some serious chip on the mill today and try to get most of marie's frame all mitered up. ciao for niao, enjoy the pics courtesy of denise {except for the one of her} steve.


mimbres man said...

Beautiful pics. I didn't know bristle cone pines grew in the Flagstaff area. That's interesting.

Foresta Bikes said...

Wow, what a place to live! Keep showing the great pics Steve.