Tuesday, October 14, 2008

marie's bike, roabie's bike.

marie's 29er as she sits. i'm gonna have to finish it up when we get back from kayaking for our anniversary for the next four days at lee's ferry. see you then!
a raw silver braze on one of my in-house seattube sleeves.
sharp! this one actually cut me only minutes after i took this pic.
i like to hand cut my dropout slots in at an angle with a hacksaw and a warding file.
then i take a couple other files and do some swank spearpoints on the ends.
chasing and facing roabie's frame as the sun get low - it was a late build night....
nearly completed! marzocchi shorted us the front canti mounts but we got close. nice blue!
brock stopped by with the first coconino to sport a curved top tube. it doesn't even have a serial number, but i think it's about five years old. this bike gets ridden hard, allot.


Anonymous said...

Dude! The white cruiser has me drooling! It has helped me decide that my next build will be a full-on O.S. BMX cruiser with newer bits thrown in like disc brakes and such.

That Coconino is Bad Ass!


Sean said...

Right on, I love that bike.

Billet Clothing said...