Sunday, October 26, 2008

marie's bike ready for paint, deanne's frame started, *next five builds*

just a quick rundown of the final steps leading up a frame going off to paint. here, i'm chasing the bottom bracket threads.
taking a look at tire clearance - here's a 2.1", so tire clearance is looking good!

making sure the dropout faces are parallel. they look great - they should, i've already checked them at least five times........

drilling the drain hole & stamping the serial number.

final alignment check - sweeeet!!

deanne's frame as she sits today. quite the slick eclectic tubing mix - dedacciai zero-tre chainstays, prestige helical downtube, truetemper seattube and headtube, 4130 top tube and seatstays, and paragon bottombracket and stainless steel slider dropouts.

well, trying to get things done while still feeling like pure hell, really sick and tired. but, got marie's bike prepped to go to spectrum on tues., really looking forward to seeing what she has picked out! and, started deanne's bike. i'm really hoping to feel good enough tomorrow to really throw some chips on the mill and get a good way along with coping/mitering the frame. damn, i hope i feel better......... SO, here's the next five builds, in order - get ahold of me, people, i'll be trying to do the we go: tracy b's road bike - everything all set, your fork showed up. marzoff - get ahold of me! mark h.: i'll see you guys on the 3rd. brian j. in singapore: when are you coming to the states to pick up your frame? mark w. in utah. there you go, be talking to you all soon, steve.


Brian J. said...


I will probably have you send it here to Sing. I want to have one of these killer spectrum paint jobs too - can you let me know how? I'll send you a mail with the details of what I want soon. Keep bloggin' - your stories and pics rule.

Brian J.

steve garro said...

hey, brian - send me an e-mail.....i can't find your's anywhere! steve.