Sunday, October 19, 2008

lee's ferry trip - our seventh anniversary! warning: fishing intensive post......

here's a great pic from barin of lee's ferry from the air. we put in at lee's ferry and paddled upstream and camped for four nights.
nice rainbow! the fishing was great!
sucky, huh?
denise self portrait.
our trusty longhaul tandem kayak. yes, it is as sweet as it looks.
a fat healthy 18"-ish rainbow that got set back to grow, as did most of the ones we caught, saving a few for meals.

daydreaming watching the clouds roll was in the mid ti high 70's and almost no wind at all - perfect.
denise is quite the fisher-woman!
four days of this goes by pretty quick.
beauty! look at that pink - this one went back into the drink straight outta the net but was easily the best fish of the trip. i got two 18"-ers back to back and one was a double with denise.

little is prettier then a wild trout.
a little camp buddy!
tara enjoying the morning. it was her & devin's anniversary, too.
here comes the sun!
devin enjoying the calm.

well, back to work tomorrow - sure was fun. i needed a break to recharge the batteries. more metalwork shots soon, steve.


Cyclebound said...

Hey Steve, your Coconino build shots are cool but don't sell yourself short. The pics from the river are awesome. You and Denise do a hell of job pulling in some beautiful fish. Glad to see you had a good time and got some relaxing in.

Andrew Campbell said...

Awesome pics, Steve. As much as I love fall in the NE, your pics keep yanking the heartstrings in a SW direction... and I know you have quail running around down there.


mimbres man said...

Steve, credit for that high altitude pic needs to be given to Kevin Nierman. He took it while flying from KC to a tradeshow in LV.

Great pics! Someday I'd like that make that trip with you and Denise.