Friday, October 31, 2008

some build shots of deanne's bike

checking frame alignment - right on! i check it when i tack the seat post to the bottom bracket shell, again when the front triangle is tacked, again when the chain stays are attached, when the chain stay brace is brazed in, right before the frame is fully brazed and the seat stays are attached, and lastly when the seat stay brace is brazed in.
the bringheli alignment table { custom made for me! } is ground to a surface tolerance of .005" across the entire table. you figure out what the measurement is at the exact middle of the bottom bracket shell. this should match the center of the stays exactly. also, you can divide the diameter of a tube and add 1/2 of it to the center plane measurement of the frame {in this case, with a 73mm bottom bracket shell, the center of the bike is 136.5 mm from the table, the mast which the shell bolts to is 100mm tall } soooo.......if you have a 37mm head tube, you divide the 37mm by 2 = 18.5. adding this to 136.5mm = 155mm. the top face of your head tube should be at 155mm from the table. capish? this works for the entire frame, just divide any of the tubes and add to your 136.5mm.

checking the dropout faces to ensure that the faces are parallel to each other.

scoping out tire clearance with it's wheel. lots of room with a 2.1", especially as the wheel will be tensioned backwards, or if ran as a gear bike it will be all the way forward in this position.

looking at the clearances of the tire, cog and rotor. OK!!!

looking good!

crazy ciphering'! this is the diagram for making the seatstays. i actually got them all brazed and bent but it was late and i was tired, so i forgot to take pics........... stayed up late and tensioned the front wheel too........ pretty tired today, i hear the shop calling, but i'm not going out there........i'm gonna take the day off and rest & stretch. more later! steve.

Monday, October 27, 2008

oct. 27th 08'.

busted out deanne's front triangle today.
she also has a growing pile of sweet stuff to hang on it too........

also, got a picture of amanda mc d's swank townie from reno, nevada. man, that looks stylin! does it get much nicer then that? how could you not smile carving that around town? the mc d's are soon becoming a four coconino family.....

well, feeling better today - got quite allot done. got the custom wheel builds all sussed up for marie & deanne's bikes and got this front triangle tacked up. gotta do a bunch of errands tomorrow and try to go for a ride. thanks for checking in, steve.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

marie's bike ready for paint, deanne's frame started, *next five builds*

just a quick rundown of the final steps leading up a frame going off to paint. here, i'm chasing the bottom bracket threads.
taking a look at tire clearance - here's a 2.1", so tire clearance is looking good!

making sure the dropout faces are parallel. they look great - they should, i've already checked them at least five times........

drilling the drain hole & stamping the serial number.

final alignment check - sweeeet!!

deanne's frame as she sits today. quite the slick eclectic tubing mix - dedacciai zero-tre chainstays, prestige helical downtube, truetemper seattube and headtube, 4130 top tube and seatstays, and paragon bottombracket and stainless steel slider dropouts.

well, trying to get things done while still feeling like pure hell, really sick and tired. but, got marie's bike prepped to go to spectrum on tues., really looking forward to seeing what she has picked out! and, started deanne's bike. i'm really hoping to feel good enough tomorrow to really throw some chips on the mill and get a good way along with coping/mitering the frame. damn, i hope i feel better......... SO, here's the next five builds, in order - get ahold of me, people, i'll be trying to do the we go: tracy b's road bike - everything all set, your fork showed up. marzoff - get ahold of me! mark h.: i'll see you guys on the 3rd. brian j. in singapore: when are you coming to the states to pick up your frame? mark w. in utah. there you go, be talking to you all soon, steve.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

progress on marie's bike.

nice bends!
some of the smoothest brazing i've done so far........

i remember when these took me all day to smooth down. now, it's pretty much there.

still hot!

just tacked, ready for cleaning, fluxing & brazing.

just some progress shots......unfortunately i was going to wrap it up today as i got a goodly amount of polishing done yesterday, but today i am really sick. i'm going to go lay down. my head hurts and my throat hurts so bad i can't talk. i did this post just to show that the wheels are turning and that i haven't taken the massive garro fortunes and fled to some tropical locale to be never seen again........fortunately i feel like i'm actually caught up for the first time in a couple of years! i got ten orders last march and it created a substantial bottleneck that i've pushed through with some of the last bikes to go out. also, orders have been rolling in this month too. i would say that i am backed out almost one year at this point. thanks all for your patience and support, everyone........... steve.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

new bike/old bike/happy bike.

ivan sent me these pics of his new cruiser all built up in florida - nice!
it retains a very classic look while sporting modern components and 29" wheels.
and here, from jeff is a pic of old #38, built back in 04', i think. jeff just put in an order for a 29er to go along with his 26er. this baby cruises the mountains above santa fe, new mexico.

lastly, here's PVB all smiles on his coconino 29er somewhere in colorado. ride on, PVB!
finally getting back to metal fabrication today. spent the last two days dealing with seemingly endless errands to keep the business, shop, house, the critters and us up and running. still have more today, actually, but i'm going to get out there as soon as the shop heats up to get at it. thanks for all the cool pics of your coconinos in action, keep em' coming! steve.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

lee's ferry trip - our seventh anniversary! warning: fishing intensive post......

here's a great pic from barin of lee's ferry from the air. we put in at lee's ferry and paddled upstream and camped for four nights.
nice rainbow! the fishing was great!
sucky, huh?
denise self portrait.
our trusty longhaul tandem kayak. yes, it is as sweet as it looks.
a fat healthy 18"-ish rainbow that got set back to grow, as did most of the ones we caught, saving a few for meals.

daydreaming watching the clouds roll was in the mid ti high 70's and almost no wind at all - perfect.
denise is quite the fisher-woman!
four days of this goes by pretty quick.
beauty! look at that pink - this one went back into the drink straight outta the net but was easily the best fish of the trip. i got two 18"-ers back to back and one was a double with denise.

little is prettier then a wild trout.
a little camp buddy!
tara enjoying the morning. it was her & devin's anniversary, too.
here comes the sun!
devin enjoying the calm.

well, back to work tomorrow - sure was fun. i needed a break to recharge the batteries. more metalwork shots soon, steve.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

marie's bike, roabie's bike.

marie's 29er as she sits. i'm gonna have to finish it up when we get back from kayaking for our anniversary for the next four days at lee's ferry. see you then!
a raw silver braze on one of my in-house seattube sleeves.
sharp! this one actually cut me only minutes after i took this pic.
i like to hand cut my dropout slots in at an angle with a hacksaw and a warding file.
then i take a couple other files and do some swank spearpoints on the ends.
chasing and facing roabie's frame as the sun get low - it was a late build night....
nearly completed! marzocchi shorted us the front canti mounts but we got close. nice blue!
brock stopped by with the first coconino to sport a curved top tube. it doesn't even have a serial number, but i think it's about five years old. this bike gets ridden hard, allot.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

a mostly non-ferrous post.........{ although, the handcycle IS steel }

Mt. humphrey's, the tallest peak in arizona at 12,670ft as seen from the newest section of the arizona trail going from snowbowl road to bismark lake.

this is the only section of trail here that travels through a forest of mixed conifer with huge bristlecone pines.

i love this angle of the aspens, yellow or green........

some of the san francisco peaks - from the right, Kendrick peak and sitgreaves peak.
humphrey's peak on the left and agassiz on the right.
denise standing in front of a bristlecone.

fall is in full effect in northern arizona! get out and enjoy it, with the blustery weather and the 65+ MPH winds forecast for today it's not likely it will last for long! the new trail section is pretty sweet! i'm looking forward to riding it all the way to bismark lake after the winter moisture has packed the trail down to perfection. also did a ride down elden springs, up little bear to the first big switchback & back - a real asskicker. in between the two i am feeling really knackered but i'm gonna go throw some serious chip on the mill today and try to get most of marie's frame all mitered up. ciao for niao, enjoy the pics courtesy of denise {except for the one of her} steve.