Thursday, September 25, 2008

a visit to the markagunt plateau

sidney peaks trail heading towards the trailhead atop brianhead peak at 11,000+ ft.
lowder ponds trail
peak colors.
just add beer for a fine afternoon!
there's some mighty fine trails up there.
looking out into the great basin from the edge of the colorado plateau. below me is yankee meadow.
sidney peaks is one steep mofo.
yankee meadow reservoir.
i love the alpine stuff. found an arrowhead right here, too.
beauty & the beast.

the pink cliffs from the virgin river rim trail.
good stuff!
rippin' it with sally dog!
this is lodge trail, i believe.
camp at 10,000+ ft.

the pink cliffs from cascade falls.
grunting up the VRRT.
overlooking zion national park and the kolob plateau.
sometimes even cripples can have some fun............
damn, that's pretty!

pretty much letting the pictures do the talking........we took a five day vacation to southern utah for a much needed mental and physical recharge. the only thing that coulda been better is if the wind would have died down so we could have went boating and fishing, but as you can see, it certainly did not suck! next time, we'll make it a week.......... steve.


Anonymous said...

Steve, very nice. Great Fall colors! Joe

Japhy rider said...

ooo, mighty fine! glad to see you and the family are getting out and enjoying the West. those rim trails in the Zion and Bryce areas are killer.


mimbres man said...

Looks like a great time for you guys! I like the pic of the tent at 10,000 ft. Nice!