Wednesday, September 17, 2008

an update on front burner projects before i split for a couple days.......

Kerry's frame & fork. RAL# 6010. maybe my favourite orange yet, and i really like orange! sweet fork from Jruss at sabrosa cycles.
a big stack'o'work. from the front to the back - Ivan's, Kerry's, John's, my old rock lobster, and coconino #70 in for a disc mount add-on and some new gravy.
sometimes shop helper Barry got his cruiser back from paint - he's pretty damn stoked! he's been working on it since winter. i did the drawing ,the brazing and the bending and Barry did all the grunt work. looks nice!

coconino cycles will be closed from the 18th - 23rd of this month. we are taking our first trip out of state since February, going to southern utah for some trails & boating and hopefully nice weather and some fall colors. sooo........Kerry - your frame is gonna ship. i'll call you with the tracking numbers. John - i have not seen the bars yet. they should show while i am gone and i'll get it all assembled & shipped ASAP. Ivan - i ALMOST got your frame all polished and then realised that the paint wasn't here yet so i'll probably get it and your fork to paint on the 25th and then sent to you ASAP. sometime shop helper barry got a start on sub-assemblies for Roabie's bike. there ya go. full plate! orders continue to roll in, and i am taking orders for august 09' now. see you all in a few days, steve.


Anonymous said...

I'd nickname that nifty orange colored paint job either - orange creme soda or creamsicle. real tasty looking ride.

have fun on your trip.


aki said...

Orenge one is so yummmmy! Your ST sleeve style is matched up with the fork with crown lug. Really nice one. Have a nice trip!

Hey Shop helper #1,
Your cruiser seems red Pepsi, Not orange but I think it's nice as well!

-helper #2 AKA PBD (Professional Beer Drinker)

devin said...

I too like the Orange one but I have a thing for orange mountain bikes.
Enjoy Utah.