Tuesday, September 02, 2008

some build shots of kerry's bike.

kerry's frame getting a thorough alignment check - one of about 15 during the build process.
checking the clearance for the tire & for the cranks and chainrings. all good!
checking the wamble factor on seatstays - they are brazed from two pieces of different sized tubing and there is always a slight offset you must mark in order to bend both symmetrically.
all shined up with the "up" side marked. note the brass fillet where they are joined.
getting on em' with mr. 1-ton arbor press!
sweeeett........ note the stay schematic at the bottom - each set is unique and made to the frame.

kerry is pretty fired up on his bike, so i though i'd throw some more detailed shots up on the blog of the process. i thought i'd get this all fitted up and brazed today, but it looks like i'm getting sucked into some of the less glamorous aspects of framebuilder life like paying taxes, calling painters, bank deposits, ordering, shipping & receiving and cleaning, all while trying not to grind down my already ground down teeth due to distress caused by spasms and nerve pain cranked to 11, so bad i can't even begin to put a shoe on...........ah, so is life...........tomorrow will see this frame in the dunktank de-fluxing, and then a couple days of polishing and braze-ons and it's off to the painter for an orange-ish color kerry has selected. more later, steve.

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