Thursday, September 11, 2008

a quick update on john's, ivan's and kerry's bikes.

check out john's slick green machine!
ivan's is soon to follow. got the fork here too, and i'll be needing to get a color choice.

OK, quick post. i'm waaayyy tired after seeing camper van beethoven and cracker last night {they ROCKED.} and getting up 1st thing to go to the dentist. then, i prepped and did a partial assembly on john's cruiser and then disassembled it to ship. looks like i have to get a bigger box for the frame and fork and try to ship it tomorrow. looks great! i really dig the color, it reminds me of my green machine trike i had when i was a kid. ivan's bike is progressing smoothly, i have the front triangle{s} all tacked and i'm gonna work on the stays tomorrow. it will be ready for paint in a few days. kerry's bike went to paint today, and i should see it back in a few days.........that's it for now - must go lay down. steve.


Pablo said...

Steve, I LOVE the cruisers. I still think Shawn's is the classic execution, but I can see the appeal of the sliders. Sorry to hit about the cat - my condolences to you and Denise. We've lost furry family under less than ideal circumstances too :(

Cyclebound said...

Hey Steve your Green Machine reference is funny. I was just explaining to Anne what a Green Machine was and that my neighbor had one when I was growing up and she also had a super steep driveway which when you put the two together you had two super stoked little kids.

mimbres man said...

"EuroTrash Girl" Cracker? Very cool!