Friday, September 26, 2008

ivan's frame *finally* done, and some build shots from friends.

man, i think this is my 4th cruiser this year, i'm not sure. i think there are around 10 out there or so. i'll figure it out when i'm rested and can think............
dogs sleeping with cats? you never know what to expect at the Garro house.
Frank from Washington DC sent me a pic of his coconino cross/commuter {finally!} looks nice all campy-ed out...........FYI, lugged cross forks are an available coconino option, and look quite nice....
keenan got his no-file fillet bike all running! he's the stylin-est kid on the trails in bend, OR!

damn, cruisers make me feel like i am living in a time warp or walking {or wheeling, i guess} through molasses. there's just so much time in these beauties. but, as they say, it's a wrap. going to paint for a coat of dark blue along with it's waltworks fork. Ivan - thanks for the patience, man. i appreciate it greatly. same goes for all my clients - i try and make it worth you while by going that extra bit that separates a great bike from a not so great bike. that's all for now, i am SO tired. steve.

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