Monday, September 15, 2008

ivan's bike all brazed up.

still hot!
them's some nice curves!
the only burns i can show publicly.........

a quick post just to show ivan's cruiser. man, this frame has taken a toll on me! it has cut me, burned my arm twice, and when doing the dropouts a 1000*+ drop of molten flux dripped off into my lap. unfortunately for me, my leather apron had slipped down and the glob burned through my pants and stuck in between a couple pieces of male anatomy and sizzled........well, i couldn't stop brazing in the middle of a dropout so i just started yelling oh-F!, oh-F!! until i could stop and check the damage. damn, i'll be OK but something like that sure will dampen your afternoon........i'll post more pics when i get this baby de-fluxed and polished. steve.


devin said...

Leinenkugles rest and repeat.

perryd said...

no pictures of the flux burn! tecate and advil and burn ointment. you'll be better in a week.

Anonymous said...

You are talking about pics of the frame and not your male anatomy burns, right? 'Cause I like checking out your blog and all but...I just don't want to get nightmares from it.