Sunday, September 14, 2008

great times on empty trails!

rippin' it up with cody! cody is pretty damn fast. sally wants to herd the last person, but cody wants to be a co-leader.
here is sally in her very important role, making sure the herd stays together. a very important job for a little black dog.........
my little personal "crux" on sunset trail. it took me awhile to get this one dialed. you have to cut the rocks at the bottom hard left and then veer sharply right, wheelie both front wheels onto the roots and line up your rear wheel with the little root "ramp" and gun it hard.
schultz tank full all year!
hanging out with the horny toads. these guys are one of our only reptiles up here. we also have some garter snakes and little bluebelly lizards, but these little guys are the hardiest - i've seen them at over 10,000ft. elevation! they must tunnel deep in the winter. all they eat is ants, and if they get aggravated with you they will squirt blood at you out of their tear ducts - no lie!
out enjoying an empty schultz creek trail after an all night rainstorm. way nice! we didn't see anyone the entire ride.
how sweet is that?
i love all the beautiful little details in the world. maybe that is what helps me polish metal all day and fit perfect miters. people really should unplug themselves sometimes and really look at what is out there.
damn - i always forget how many steep-ass kickers there are on meadow trail!
denise, taking her photo journal duties seriously!

i've been trying to get out and exercise more lately. most of the "disabled" athletes concur with me that often it is the only lime that they are able to control, or at least mask or ignore the pain of everyday life. i have quite allot, and sometimes it just rocks my world and i just barely cope. i got up friday morning with full intentions of getting ivan's bike well along, but upon waking my feet just turned purple {i have vassal constriction caused by my spinal cord injury that screws with my blood flow and makes my feet cold and purple. } and cranked nerve pain. i started getting spasms in my feet and more severe pain until i was barely able to tack the chainstays on or even hold the 6000*F torch straight at all. by noon this turned into worse spasms and violent kicking accompanied by electric fence shocks all the way from my spinal fusion to the toes on my right foot. this went on until about 8am the next morning.........not much sleep at all. pretty horrific night. still, i got my ass out on the trail and pedaled up climb three and down sunset. that made me good and tired and i finally got some sleep. pretty crazy life, ya'll........... steve.


Sabrosa Cycles said...

there is nothing quite like the tacky dirt of the schultz trail. I am just a hair jealous.

planteo said...

You kick ass!!!

mimbres man said...

Tonight over some scotch with teacher friends, I was rattling off heroes of mine (or people I admire). You're at the top of my list. Buzz Aldrin (Dr. Rendezvous) comes in a distant 2nd. You're way tougher than most of us mere mortals!

Looks like a great ride! Enjoy all you can!