Tuesday, September 09, 2008

back to regularly scheduled programming.......

kerry's bike ready for gravy!
final check off - cable routing.
it may not look like much, but there's a sweet cruiser in this box! should have ivan's bike ready to go in a few days. i'll try to have more pics tonight.
i did lookout trail super smooth the other day. rolled just about everything! there's one spot where i have to get out & use trees for crutches.
don't let this picture fool you! this was the ONLY smooth spot on weatherford. the rest was softball sized rocks mixed with bigger rocks.

a very seldom used route in the drylake hills.......only one track {an elk} and nice, moist dirt.
the san francisco peaks.
a quick hand plant & a bunch of scraping........
very nice! we were the only trail users.
gotta love the ferns..........

doing a little better here at the garros' today. thanks for all the great comments. i got kerry's frame finished a couple days ago, and it's only waiting for the paint to show & it will go to painters in plenty of time for 24hrs. of moab! looking forward to seeing the color, a dark burnt orange. ivan's bike will reach at least front triangle status today. got in a few handcycle rides last week, i wanted to see some ferns before they all died. with the impending first hard freezes on the mountain coming any day they will all be gone. fall is in the air for sure, with it getting cooler every day. summer 2008 will be one that goes down in the books as one of the best flower years ever! steve.

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Anonymous said...

Great pict of you rocking on LookOut. lets us know how hairy it is....

have you thought about doing some helmet cam picts so we can see what its like riding the handcycle and watching the rocks flash by so close and getting the wheels drifting at speed.

maybe see you and Grillo in October.