Thursday, August 14, 2008

two part post: mormon mountain ride & mark v.'s frame.

isn't this just beautiful?
aki is visiting from osaka, japan and this was his rest day from mountainbiking. most of the trail is really steep..........
allot of it is pretty rocky.........
and many parts are really, really nice! some great blue spruce up there, too.
you don't see trail conditions this nice every day.
rippin' it up!
mark's bike, square one.
the easy part all done.
#70 back for some love - i sure have learned allot in the 90 frames i have made since this one!

got allot going on around here - lots of visitors and lots of work make for a very tired steve! at least i get a break this morning as i wait for the garage repair guys to show up and fix the garage door which unexpectedly exploded last night, falling off it's runners and requiring neighbors to help and close it. wonder what that will cost............oh well. got in a grueling ride up mormon mountain a few days ago - one tough climb and one hairball descent. it's steep enough that mtn. bikers won't ride up it. {hell, hardly ANYONE rides it, and it makes a sweet loop with some arizona trail thrown in} it climbs 1500ft. in three miles, a 1/10 grade, right? anyway, every time i ride this it kicks my ass, and it did this time too. but, one never improves at anything if you choose to never push your comfort level. the rain held off, only sprinkling enough to crank the humidity to 11, but the resulting spectacular cloud display was WELL worth it! next part: metal fab. mark's bike is coming right along, i was gonna get the chainstays and dropouts on it yesterday but a big flock of cool visitors from here, japan, las vegas and prescott all showed up at once, no kidding! looking good - it's going to live in california. lastly, frame # 70 back for some lovin'. it's going to get a disc brake mount added and a new powdercoat and go back out for more. it's cool to see how many different ways my frames have evolved over the years! sometimes i get insights like this that make me say "damn! my stuff is pretty nice!" later, gotta make some breakfast, steve.

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