Thursday, August 07, 2008

a purty slog on great trails!

indian paintbrush. it too, is partially parasitic on the roots of a "host" plant. there's allot of parasites out there if you look. i just saw a new one for me today that looks like it only grows on doug firs.
harebell. nice!

a whole field of cutleaf coneflowers.
bombing down meadow.
denise said i better not delete this or else.
fly agaric - don't put this on your pizza or think it will take you on a trip you would like!
one of the many faces of schultz creek trail.

this pollinator is a species of nectar loving fly.

trails were perfect today! we were almost the only trail users and actually only saw folks from afar once we started after saying "hi" to cameron and wendy at our start. trails were tacky and traction was perfect. i looped aroung from the bottom of meadow trail where i went up schultz, rusty pipe trail, orion, and then down meadow. it beat me down! my arms, shoulders, hands, and fingers hurt! all the flowers are changing...........the lupines are really winding down and the penstemmons are starting to fall off, but all the sunflowers, mexican hats and coneflowers are just coming out. the super trail conditions sure are cutting into productivity, but the long, dark purgatory of framebuilding known as winter is not far off, ya'll........... steve.

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