Monday, August 18, 2008

build status as of 8/18/08

mark's bike. i'll get it brazed tomorrow.
keenan's bike, all unfiled fillets.
nice rack!

i'll be out of the office from the 20th until the 26th for my first real break this summer, so i thought i'd post an update on some of the current projects! George came and picked up his gorgeous yellow 29er. keenan, your bike should show up at web cyclery any day......mark, i'm brazing up your bike tomorrow and will finish it by the 28th/29th. we gotta figure out a paint scheme.........john, your bike is done & will go to paint when i get the fork & i will ship all your parts to you when i get the hubs {shipped today} and lace your wheels.........kerry, i will start your build after i finish mark's bike, and then i will start ivan's frame as your fork should arrive about then, AND your parts box is filling & will ship with frame. after kerry & ivan i show roabie, jim m., deanne and scot b. got seriously slowed down this week as my body took a crap on say i blew out my back would be an understatement! i blew out everything inbetween my C4/C5 fusion and my T11/T12 fusion/rods including my neck, shoulders, back, right arm socket and the seven broken ribs i got.............couldn't move my neck, and it slowed me down quite allot, still working at about 50% capacity, but steaming along nonetheless. also, i am currently backed out until june on builds according to my build list, AND prices will be going up $100.00 per frame when i return. i will rain check frames at the current list price if you e-mail/call me before i return on the 25th. thanks, all! steve.


Cyclebound said...

Hey Steve, Keenan's bike looks awesome with the sweet brazes under the orange paint. Where are you heading for your days off?


Kerry said...

Sounds great. Cant wait. Hope you get feeling better.