Thursday, August 28, 2008

8-27-08 megapost!

from dirty benches come wonderful things!
doesn't it make your fingers hurt just looking at it?
money shot - all i had to do after brazing for finish work was touch up the faces. these are stainless steel dropouts, and they must be affixed with silver. anytime you are filing silver onto the floor you are loosing money.
this braze could be run as-is, but a little love & it will really shine!
ditto here.......the result of thousands of brazes i've done over the years. even the most critical craftsman deserves to give themselves a pat on the back every so often.
good and straight.
i love building wheels! i've probably laced thousands in the 23 years i've been doing it and i still like the feel of lacing some new hoops.
john's wheels are ready to roll!

just airing up my tires is a contortion act!
all the tiny micro horny toads are out. check out the pine needles next to it - this little fella must be fresh out of the egg.
getting dropped uphill by a 12 year old dog. sally sure is doing great. i hope our critters can get out with us for years to come.
sliding turns on sunset - man, this is one wild ride!
all the fungi are coming out in bumper crop quantities and lot of variety. you see lots with bites taken out where the critters are gorging on them in preparation for winter.

been super bust lately, so sorry for no updates, i've been busier then a one-legged man in an ass kicking contest! hey, wait a minute.........anyhoo, i have about six projects going on now, so as it's hard for me to see any one getting done, they are all coming to fruition. i'm going to go out and finish mark's frame today and get it off to spectrum for some custom gravy. tomorrow, i'll start cutting tubes on kerry's bike with ivan's to follow as soon as i get his fork from walt. also, been building ALLOT of wheels, i was up late last night lacing some custom red phil wood hubs to red velocity 29er rims and i can't believe i let them get out the door without a picture - they were sweet! i think i have john & ivan's parts all here, so soon those will go out too. i even got in a ride, and i'm glad i did! i really needed to loosen up and trail conditions are as good as they get. more later, ya'll, steve.

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Japhy rider said...

good livin! can't wait till next summer for my up-in-the-cue. i'm thinking travel bike, planes-trains-and-automobiles enabled, but definitely 2.3" tires tough. it's gotta be baby carrier tough too - precious cargo en-tow.

hope to visit this year sometime. enjoy the summer,